Kinetic Albatross


Plastic overload! The purpose for this installation is to reuse plastic waste to inspire change through art and technology. 

“Now is the time to inspire change if we are to stand any chance of saving these creatures and our planet. We are big animal lovers so we created this installation to highlight the problems facing marine species who are suffering immensely at the hand of man. It is our hope that using art and technology we can present the truth to guests in an artistic, fun and engaging way. If, through this medium they can be inspired to make one small change, then we’ve succeeded and that’s another step towards helping these animals”. 
- Andy Stokes, Co-founder of A.L.A.N. 

The albatrosses are one of the well-known species who are direct victims from marine plastic pollution. It became the story of this installation. The plastic debris albatrosses ingest cannot be digested, it takes up space in the stomach, causes starvation and eventually death. This plastic is also fed to chicks, reducing their food intake and the chances of survival. 

As part of the planet, we want to raise awareness and inspire change through digital art installation.

the artwork

The Kinetic Albatross is a 6-meter-wide 3D printed sculpture crafted from recycled P.E.T plastic material. It depicts an albatross flapping its wings indefinitely, a living sculpture that mimics the shape of this endangered species. It represents many marine animals who are also threatened by plastic pollution. This albatross is beautiful and majestic, but is full of holes, wounds caused by humans. 

The albatross flies elegantly in the sky to remind our audience that life is beautiful and fragile. Through this installation, we hope to inspire our audience to cherish life, and to make a change through conscious behaviour. 

As a wrap up of the entire experience, to help reinforce and extend the message beyond the exhibition, guests can take away a postcard embedded with homegrown webAR technology (no app required) containing more educational content presented in a fun, engaging way.  The webAR contains a short animated clip to demonstrate what people can do to make a change.  Sharing and reinforcement is key in conservation business.


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