artists who love Animals and Nature

We are a non-profit charity platform fusing art and technology to engage our audience, to raise awareness and to build empathy towards wildlife animals and their natural habitats.

art as a platform. technology as a tool

Art is being commonly used as an expression of emotional content by artists to evoke affecting response from the audience. With the use of technology, new art-making approaches such as digital art, interactive art, AR, VR, etc., allow artists to push the boundaries of ideas and creativity. New art forms bring people together and provide more engaging channels to convey the messages with an education purpose.

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We collaborate with artists from various disciplines, such as sculpture artists and architects to create unique interactive physical installations.

Due to the global pandemic social distancing regulations, A.L.A.N. works heavily on AR artworks with mural artists, illustration artists and even performers for higher mobility and accessibility.

Machine learning computer generated art and the rise of NFT art offers new perspectives in new art forms and a new platform to promote good cause.

featureD project

Every project is unique.  We collaborate with different artists from various disciplines to create interactive artworks utilizing cutting-edge technologies to allow our audience to feel and experience, to ask questions and reflect.  We use unique art forms to engage audiences, to entice curiosity in order to bring new perspective and to encourage better understanding of the issues through our artworks.  

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