A.L.A.N. was founded in 2019 as a charity organization, aims to gather artists and creative technologists who want to use their creativity and skill sets in art and technology as a bridge to connect with the mass public, in the work to help raising awareness in environmental issues and wildlife conservation, ultimately, to drive social change. A.L.A.N. brings like-minded talents and organizations to collaborate for a common goal.

Inspired by Dr. Jane Goodall, A.L.A.N. dedicates our works to bring new perspectives and to inspire others to work together to protect what we have for a more sustainable future.

Only if we understand can we care; Only if we care we will help; Only if we help shall they be saved

- Jane Goodall

We are a group of artists and creative technologists. This platform aims to bring together more talented individuals and creative organisations across the globe to collaborate and develop artworks for good cause.

We partner with festivals, venues, environmental groups, animal conservation parties, corporations to organise events in various scales to raise social consciousness across different platforms.

Our artworks aim to bring people together and to connect with our audience. Through education to drive social change