Disappearing Species


A recent report released by the UN warns over 1 million species are under threat of extinction within the next few decades caused in part by ever increasing human economic development.  Now is the time to highlight this to the mass public & inspire change if we are to stand any chance of saving these creatures and our planet.

Although people have sympathy towards endangered species the general public are quite detached from the facts and what they can actually do to stop it, especially for those who are living in the city and not in the environmental loop.

This installation serves as a bridge to share the information with the mass public in an artistic and interactive way, not only to admire the beauty of these animals but also learn about the facts and most importantly how to make a change.

the artwork

Disappearing species is an interactive art installation, crafted to entice curiosity from the visitors to the space. As guests approach our 270 degree projected installation, the atoms attract together into the form of the animals & presents them with current data related to their numbers. Based on real time data which is linked to the actual number left in the wild, the more endangered a species is, the less atoms are available to display it's form.

Motion sensors in the ceiling detect the audience presence & trigger the interactive visuals. A galaxy of particles comes together to form each of the animals as the visitors approach the wall.

The longer an audience member remains in front of the piece, the more information will be displayed, allowing them to learn more about each animal: The role they play, the threats they face & most importantly what action can be taken.

We hope to create a deep connection between the animals and the audience, establishing awareness with the aim to inspire change.


Interactive Immersive Installation


Endangered species

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WildAid, Animals Asia Foundation, Oceans Asia

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