Animals & Synthesizers


We partnered with A/V Artist Tomer Baruch on this piece to encourage families with children to connect with Animals in a fun and engaging way.

the artwork

ANIMALS AND SYNTHESIZERS - Synthetic sounds for organic beings

To kickstart the reopening of Living Canvas, we are featuring the work of multi-disciplinary musician Tomer Baruch, creator of the wildly popular Animals and Synthesizers videos. Combining archive footage of nature with an imaginative array of alien synth sounds Tomer creates new soundtracks for the animal kingdom. Sometimes comical, often surreal, Tomer has amassed a dedicated following of 57 thousand people since he first started in late 2017.

With the setup at Living Canvas an extra layer of discovery is added, transforming the work into an immersive living Audio/Visual Art installation

"How to even describe Animals and Synthesizers?... It’s basically a cross between the BBC’s Planet Earth, retro synthwave, and meme-length videos - Create Digital Music.”

About The Artist

Tomer Baruch is an interdisciplinary musician and sound artist with an interest in a wide variety of genres, ranging from popular music to jazz, post-african and experimental electronic music. Follow his amusing Animals and Synthesizers channels on Instagram and Youtube - @animalsandsynthesizers. Please consider supporting his work by purchasing Jellyfish and Synthesizers on bandcamp 


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Connecting with Animals

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