In response to the recent situation with the Wild boar/human conflicts, the Artist’s collective A.L.A.N. is launching “Live with Boars” an art and education project, with the help of local talented artists and NGOs to open a dialogue on how to achieve a more peaceful coexistence between humans and wild animals.

Our goal is not only to raise awareness about the situation, but to educate the public about how they can directly help minimize human-wild boar conflicts.  On the same token, through working together with various NGOs, we hope to influence policy changes. 

Volume 1.0

- "Live with boars" project

#野豬豬家族 #Boarsome Sticker Pack

Our first wave, A.L.A.N. presents IG filters and animated stickers suitable for IG story and Whatsapp, which will be launched in early December 2021 for free download and share it through social media.

Project Mission


We believe Hong Kong can better protect biodiversity in a more creative (and sustainable) way;


Respect wild boars - learn about their characteristics and habitat.  They are native wild animals, not pets or pests.  They have equal rights to share this space with humans;


Encourage our government to include nature and wildlife conservation in urban planning. Aim to minimise stress and avoid harm to wildlife at all cost;


Let wild boars be wild - we are against feeding, approaching or any action that interferes with wild animals;


Urge the government to exhaust all non-lethal measures before lethal actions are considered. This includes collective set of measures, such as revisiting the Capture and Contraception (Sterilization)/ Relocation Programme while setting out clear long term strategies to mitigate and address the root causes of the human - wild boars conflict, where wild boars become habituated and reinforced to congregate in urban areas;


Policy improvement - encourage the government to make more effective plans to fix the legal loopholes that allow people to feed, fix challenges in enforcement, increase deterrence, accelerate replacing existing bins with boar-proof designs, review poor refuse disposal and develop proper waste management.

"Only if we understand, can we care.
Only if we care, will we help.
Only if we help, we shall be saved."

- Dr. Jane Goodall

Supporting organisations

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